My Favorite Philosophy Papers

A Confession – Leo Tolstoy
A Few Reasons for Doubting – Robert Green Ingersoll
About the Holy Bible – Robert Green Ingersoll
Absurdities of the Bible – Clarence Darrow
Aesop’s Fables – Aesop
Age Of Reason – Thomas Paine
An Essay on Population – Thomas Robert Malthus
Analects – Confucius
Apology – Plato
Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand
Beyond Good and Evil – Frederick Nietzsche
Bible Morality – Charles Watts
Brooklyn Divines – Robert Green Ingersoll
Buddhism Mayflower II – C.T. Shen
Candide – Voltaire
Common Sense – Thomas Paine
Das Kapital – Karl Marx
Democracy In America – Alexis De Tocqueville
Fox’s Book of Martyrs – John Foxe
Has Religion Made Useful Contributions to Civilization – Bertrand Russell
Heart of the Bible – Marshall J. Gauvin
Heretics And Heresies – Robert Green Ingersoll
History of Rome – Titus Livius Livy (Translator Rev. Canon Roberts)
Human Truth – John Bapty Oates
Human, All Too Human – Frederick Nietzsche
Individuality – Robert Green Ingersoll
Letters on the English – Voltaire
Leviathan – Thomas Hobbes
Liberty of All – Robert Green Ingersoll
Malcolm X – The Autobiography of Malcolm X
Manifesto of the Communist Party – Marx and Engels
Mao’s Little Red Book – Mao Tsetung
Meditation – Rene Descartes
Men, Women, And Gods – Helen H. Gardener
Metaphysics – Aristotle
Myth and Miracle – Robert Green Ingersoll
Nicomachean Ethics – Aristotle
On Agnosticism – Thomas H. Huxley
On Liberty – John Stuart Mill
Parallel Lives or Plutarch’s Lives – Mestrius Plutarchus (Translators by Aubrey Stewart and George Long)
Pensees (Sections 1 to 270) – Blaise Pascal
Politics – Aristotle
Progress – Robert Green Ingersoll
Reflections on the Revolution in France – Edmund Burke
Rights of Man – Thomas Paine
Rhetoric – Aristotle
Second Treatise (Second Essay) on Government – John Locke
Some Reasons Why – Robert Green Ingersoll
Subjection of Women – John Stuart Mill
Taoism – Tao Te Ching
Taoism – The Holy Chuang Tzu (Trans: James Legge)
The American Crisis – Thomas Paine
The Antichrist – Frederick Nietzsche
The Communist Manifesto – Marx and Engels
The Complete Works Of Chuang Tzu – (Trans: Burton Watson)
The Dhammapada – Buddhism
The Discourses – Epictetus
The Doctrine of the Means – Confucius
The Eightfold Path – Buddhism
The Enchiridon – Epictetus
The Failure of Christianity – Emma Goldman
The Fountainhead – Ayn Rand
The Gay Science – Frederick Nietzsche
The Golden Saying – Epictetus
The Great Learning – Confucius
The Gulistan of Sa’di – Sheikh Muslih–uddin Sa’di Shirazi
The Heart of the Bible – Marshall J. Galvin
The History of the Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire – Edward Gibbon
The Improbability of God – Richard Dawkins
The Peasant War in Germany – Frederick Engels
The Philosophy of Style – Herbert Spencer
The Philosophical Dictionary – Voltaire
The Praise of Folly – Desiderius Erasmus
The Prince – Nicolo Machiavelli
The Problems of Philosophy – Bertrand Russell
The Profits of Religion – Upton Sinclair
The Querist – George Berkley
The Republic – Plato
The Selfish Gene – Richard Dawkins
The Social Contract – Jean–Jacques Rousseau
The Theory Of Everything – Stephen Hawking (audio)
The Truth – Robert Green Ingersoll
The Use and Abuse of History – Frederick Nietzsche
The Virtue of Selfishness – Ayn Rand
Thus Spake Zarathustra – Frederick Nietzsche
Utilitarianism – John Stuart Mill
Victims of Morality – Emma Goldman
Vindication of the Rights of Woman – Mary Wollstonecraft
Viruses of the Mind – Richard Dawkins
Voltaire, The Incomparable Infidel – Joseph Lewis
What is an Agnostic – Bertrand Russell
What Uncle Sam Really Wants – Norm Chomsky
Why I Am Agnostic – Robert Green Ingersoll
Why I Am an Agnostic – Clarence Darrow
Why I Am Not a Christian – Bertrand Russell
Why I Quit Going to Church – Rupert Hughes

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